A Reward Offer for Evidence in the War on Records Management

As I have discussed here frequently, the global war on records management over the last two decades has resulted in unimaginable misery and devastation. Never in history has any other ancient discipline been systematically attacked by so many powerful organizations with so many bad intentions.

I am doing everything I can to preserve the integrity and survival of our critically important profession. But my family and I have lost almost everything we have in the process and I simply cannot continue without the help of other honorable records management professionals.

Over the last few months, I have been in contact with several current and former members of ARMA leadership who have all identified the same member of past association leadership as the “woman from ARMA” who used her substantial industry influence to have me terminated from my job at IBM. Unfortunately, none of these people could provide me with solid evidence proving their accusations.

If I were able to acquire just one piece of evidence proving this individual was the “woman from ARMA”, I could use it in court (and in the press) to expose the massive corruption and incompetence that have infested ARMA for so many years now.

But more importantly, proving the association’s corruption would open a pathway to exposing the far-more-powerful organizations that have long been using ARMA as a weapon against the very profession it once so proudly served. And that would be the beginning of the end of the war on records management and all the devastation it has caused.

Because I believe this issue is so important, I am offering a $1000 reward to anyone who can provide just one piece of evidence – an email, a text, a voicemail, anything – that identifies the former ARMA official who conspired with IBM senior management to force me out of my job and prevent me from speaking the truth about Federal records mismanagement.

This offer is good for anyone – inside or outside of ARMA – and you have my word that I will never reveal your identity to anyone without your permission.

As always, you can reach me anytime via encrypted email at: don(dot)lueders(at)protonmail.com. 

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