AIIM and the ICRM Announce Important New Strategic Partnership

Today AIIM and the Institute of Certified Records Managers (ICRM) are announcing a new partnership agreement that promisAIIMes to have a tremendously positive effect on the records management profession for a long time to come.

Going forward, ICRM Certified Records Manager (CRM) and ICRM Certified Records Analyst (CRA) candidates “who successfully complete the AIIM ERM Master designation can now receive credit for passing Part 5 of the ICRM exam. CRAs and CRMs will also receive special access to other select AIIM education courses and resources to meet their ongoing continuing education requirements.” (Read the full press release here.)

I have been an AIIM member for nearly 20 years and a member of the ICRM since 2005.  AIIM has long recognized the vital role records managers play in the success of every organization, as well as the critical component that the records management discipline ICRMplays in every intelligent information management strategy.  And, for more than 40 years, the ICRM has been the certifying body of the most important designation in records and information.

The explosive, uncontrolled growth of information over the last few decades is unsustainable.  Left unchecked, it will eventually result in the failure of countless businesses and public institutions.  And, as I noted in this blog post last April, this is a problem that can only be resolved by qualified, credible records management professionals.

This new partnership – along with the potential for an even deeper AIIM/ICRM partnership to come – will help reestablish the inherent value of traditional records management in modern organizations and is a significant leap forward in the struggle against runaway information chaos.

5 thoughts on “AIIM and the ICRM Announce Important New Strategic Partnership

  1. This is great news, thanks for sharing! I wasn’t aware of this partnership between AIIM and ICRM… it’s about time these two groups align.

  2. Agreed, Sharon. There’s a lot of untapped synergy between the two groups. Should prove to be a good partnership.

  3. Hi Don,
    I’ve heard pretty slanted arguments for information management professionals to earn the IGP certification, with the impression that it even ‘supersedes’ the CRM designation. I’m guessing you could offer some informed (counter)points on why the CRM is still a relevant, even superior, designation to earn? As someone in the early years of my career considering different avenues of professional education, I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts.

  4. Hi, Sharon –

    My apologies for not getting back to you sooner. The start of the New Year has kept me crazy busy.

    Please don’t let anyone convince you that the IGP compares in any way to the CRM. The CRM is a serious professional designation for an ancient and noble discipline. The CRM is extremely difficult to obtain, and it should be. Just as you can be an accountant without ever earning your CPA, earning your CRM shows that you are a committed career records and information management professional willing to dedicate yourself to earning the industry’s premier certification.

    The IGP is none of these.

    If it helps any, I’ve been a records manager for twenty years and I’ve had hundreds of resumes from records management job applicants cross my desk over that time. And I’ve consistently put applicants with a CRM at the top of the pile when I’ve made hiring decisions. But I have never chosen any candidate over any other candidate because one had earned their IGP and one hadn’t. It just doesn’t mean that much.

    Good luck, Sharon. I honestly envy you. This is an incredibly exciting time in history to begin your records management career. You have a fantastic opportunity to change the world for the better and give your career real purpose.

    Please come back to this blog often and keep us posted on your progress.


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