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Welcome to NextGenRMThe explosive growth of information technology over the last three decades – and the corresponding tidal wave of newly created recorded information – has been both a blessing and a curse for those of us in the Records and Information Management industry. And yet, in many ways, we behave as if things haven’t really changed all that much.  We often talk about managing electronically stored information and leveraging the latest technologies, but in reality many of us are still thinking in terms of paper-based solutions. That paradigm has not been relevant for a very long time and we must separate ourselves from it and embrace the new (often better) methodologies that modern technologies provide. Change of this kind is never easy, but I believe there are a few simple, yet powerful ways we can make this happen quite quickly and I’ll be using this new site to discuss those methods with you.

One other note.  Those of you who followed my previous blog on managing the information lifecycle in a SharePoint environment will recognize a few of the articles I wrote there have been moved to this new site.  I only do this because during the last few years of managing that site my philosophy began to expand beyond records and information management in the Microsoft stack to the current holistic vision I have today and I believe some of the articles I wrote during those last few years are perfectly relevant in this new forum.  (This is also true for articles I wrote for the short-lived NextGenRM.ORG site I managed – along with several records and information management colleagues – awhile back and you can expect to see some of that material here, as well.)

Regardless, welcome and thank you for stopping by this new blog.  Please return often, comment frequently and share this site over other social channels.  I am very excited about this latest evolution of my career path and the wonderful opportunities ahead for those of us in this profession. I hope we can share in that excitement together.



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